This weekend I went to California with my friend Stacie. We stayed at my cousin's house in San Diego and went to all four outlet malls in Southern Cali (we also went to the beach and stuff, but shopping stories are much more fun). I was scouring the Coach outlets lokking for a dog carrier for Bella. This is Bella, for those of you who don't know:


Anyway, I found one! For 50% off of the OUTLET price which was already $200 less than the retail price. I was so pumped. However, I can't decide if I want to keep it or sell it on Ebay. So I will put it to a vote. Should I keep the Coach bag:


Or sell it and buy a cute Juicy one on Ebay like this:


Decisions, decisions.



As you may recall from this post, my one and only goal in life is to keep my 4.0. Voila:


Mission: Accomplished. It is not only acceptable but completely desirable for you to begin humming the 007 theme song.

And speaking of 007, #*!&#$@#*Grey's Anatomy season finale?!!#!*!@#%


Voldemort, Voldemort, OOOO Voldy Voldy Voldy....

You don't have to be a Harry Potter fan to think this is hilarious...



I'm one of those people that has some strange emotional connection to music (okay, maybe that's everyone :) This song makes me feel happy, peaceful, and hopeful.

It's a piano/cello arrangement that combines Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and Coldplay's "Viva La Vida". Check it out.


Excorcist-style Projectile Vomiting

I have so many fun things to blog about that require the uploading of pictures I can't find, and as such, I have no fun things to blog about. More on that later...

However, I have received numerous requests for more posts about baby puke. "Seriously?", you're asking me. Yes. Seriously. Well anyway, ask and ye shall receive.

As you probably already know, I'm a nanny to a 9 month old boy and 3 year old girl. My family was visting recently from Connecticut, and so I took my two charges over to hang out with them while I was working. I was trying to distract the three year old with crafts, while I waited for my mom to get ready to run some errands, and I noticed the baby had put something in his mouth. I fished around in his slobbery pie-hole trying to get it out, but it was long gone. I figured if he was breathing and such, it was all good.

Later in the day (we're talking at least 2 hours), I was feeding him a bottle, when he started to spit up. I cleaned him up, and then continued to feed him. As soon as the bottle was done, his eyes got HUGE, and he proceed to projectile vomit Excorcist-style the entire contents of the bottle he had just eaten, plus I'm pretty sure just about everything he had previously eaten the past 978098 days.

I asked my little brother to grab me a towel, turned the baby to face me to clean him up, at which point he PUKED AGAIN all over me. TWICE. I'm telling you this kid must have a vast and bottomless stomach because we are talking quarts of puke. When he had finished, he just smiled at me, and I noticed something in his teeth. It was a tiny purple star sticker that his sister had been using to make crafts with earlier in the day. SERIOUSLY? I just endured Puke Fest '09 because he ate a tiny sticker the size of a pencil eraser??

It's all fun and games until someone gets doused in baby puke. Remember that.