2 days!

Going home (Connecticut) to this on Wednesday night:


My family is awesome.


New Cards in my Etsy Shop

There are a few new cards up in my Etsy shop. I hope to have quite a few more up by the end of the week. To see more, click in the link on my sidebar or the link below the photo.


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This video makes me want to learn how to salsa, it's really too bad I have no rhythm whatsoever! The song is called Everything I Can't Have by Robin Thicke.
(music doesn't start until about 15 seconds in)



I got my acceptance letter yesterday to student teach with the US Dept of Defense in...


I will be teaching fourth grade. I am so excited. I don't really know much else about it, I emailed the principal of the school today to get some more information. From what I have been able to research about Heidelberg, it sounds like a beautiful place. It even has a castle!

Heidelberg Castle

This is what Mark Twain had to say about Heidelberg in his journal in 1878:
"The Castle looks down upon the compact brown-roofed town; and from the town two picturesque old bridges span the river. Now the view broadens; through the gateway of the sentinel headlands you gaze out over the wide Rhine plain, which stretches away, softly and richly tinted, grows gradually and dreamily indistinct, and finally melts imperceptibly into the remote horizon.

I have never enjoyed a view which had such a serene and satisfying charm about it as this one gives."

Random Info:

Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, is nestled in the heart of the Neckar Valley about 70 miles south of Frankfurt. It is home to vineyards, medieval castles and fortifications.

The city, a longtime haven for tourists, features the famous Heidelberg Castle, built during the sixteenth century. It combines Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. Another historical landmark is the University of Heidelberg, the oldest university in Germany, dating from 1386.

Serenades, concerts and open-air theater presentations in the Heidelberg Castle courtyard are special treats during the summer months. The castle is also illuminated several times a year, commemorating the battles of the 17th century. Floodlights flank the castle and fireworks explode in the sky above.

A stroll through Heidelberg's old city is a step back in time. Narrow streets lined with houses from various periods, expertly restored to their original condition, provide glimpses into German history and culture. The Heidelberg area has relatively mild weather and snowfall is very limited.



In like a lion, out like a lamb

I'm looking forward to these things in March:

Thing 1 - Spring Break - CABO!

Thing 2 - I applied to student teach with the US Department of Defense (I would teach in a school overseas on a US military base that serves the children of the soldiers stationed there), and I should hear back from my school this month to see whether or not I have a placement for this coming fall

Thing 3 - Financial Aid! Woot! Okay, I know, you are wondering why I am excited to hear from financial aid. Basically, since I turn 24 this year (see Thing 4), I was able to fill out my FAFSA without my parent's income/tax information which means they will base what finanancial aid I am awarded on just my measly salary which means I should get MORE which means more potential money for Thing 2 (student teaching abroad = expensive)

Thing 4 - My birthday! I'll be 24 on the 29th!

Thing 5 - Taking my teaching certification test. I would be boldfaced lying if I said I was excited for this test. It is 8 hours long and costs almost $200. However, it is kind of an exciting milestone because it means that I am one step closer to actually being a teacher, which means alot when you have been in school forever, like me.

P.S. -

Dear March,

I think we need to talk. I feel like since I have just listed many of the things that are so wonderful about you, I can give you this one piece of constructive criticism, you know, between us friends. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BRING THE 90 DEGREE WEATHER. Seriously, leave that job up to April or even May. I know, I chose to live in this desolate desert, but I would really, really, apprectiate just a few more weeks of the 70s and 80s before I have to return to paying $300 air conditioning bills.

xoxo, Kassi