In like a lion, out like a lamb

I'm looking forward to these things in March:

Thing 1 - Spring Break - CABO!

Thing 2 - I applied to student teach with the US Department of Defense (I would teach in a school overseas on a US military base that serves the children of the soldiers stationed there), and I should hear back from my school this month to see whether or not I have a placement for this coming fall

Thing 3 - Financial Aid! Woot! Okay, I know, you are wondering why I am excited to hear from financial aid. Basically, since I turn 24 this year (see Thing 4), I was able to fill out my FAFSA without my parent's income/tax information which means they will base what finanancial aid I am awarded on just my measly salary which means I should get MORE which means more potential money for Thing 2 (student teaching abroad = expensive)

Thing 4 - My birthday! I'll be 24 on the 29th!

Thing 5 - Taking my teaching certification test. I would be boldfaced lying if I said I was excited for this test. It is 8 hours long and costs almost $200. However, it is kind of an exciting milestone because it means that I am one step closer to actually being a teacher, which means alot when you have been in school forever, like me.

P.S. -

Dear March,

I think we need to talk. I feel like since I have just listed many of the things that are so wonderful about you, I can give you this one piece of constructive criticism, you know, between us friends. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BRING THE 90 DEGREE WEATHER. Seriously, leave that job up to April or even May. I know, I chose to live in this desolate desert, but I would really, really, apprectiate just a few more weeks of the 70s and 80s before I have to return to paying $300 air conditioning bills.

xoxo, Kassi


The Geiser Family said...

honey, when did you get so old. just yesterday you were a baby. overseas and rich from financial aid, you live the life that i only 1/2 had. the test is a joke and you will do well. whatever the summa cum laude can't even spell it or say it but had it, totally does not matter in this life. it will automatically be awarded to you, if you are so deserving. barf. have i blessed you with enough motherly advice, one more, stay away from the nude beaches in cabo, 70 year old men in hoodies and flip flops. gross! HA! happy day!

Candace said...

No sympathy for 90 degree weather when I am in 9 degree weather. Sorry, no can do!

Candace said...

Have fun and be safe in Cabo. I love your blog and I love you. Triple Woot Woot Woot for financial aid. Bring it on! Hope you get to go to Italy and I can come visit. Oh yeh, no nude beaches, Thanks Lisa!