Merry Christmas and Happy Everything!

I will have a super fun awesome informative joy making post up soon. Until then I am basking in the snowy coldness of my family's vacation house in the Adirondack mountains in New York!

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Since I transferred from BYU to NAU and left my dismal GPA behind, I have been busting by buttocks to keep my GPA at a 4.0. Today, I logged into my account and look:


HAPPY! One more semester down, one to go.

Side note - am I the only person that thinks its kind of funny/ridiculous that when I went to BYU I worked somewhere between 0 and 30 hours per week (depending on the semester) and I came out with a * GPA, and now working 45-50 hours per week I have a 4.0?
I blame the rebellious company I kept (Hi Kira! Hey Manda! Hello Mere! Love you!)

*Actual GPA removed to protect your sensitive eyes, but it was somewhere between a C+ and a Z-. Oh what's that you say? You can't get a Z-? Maybe you can't, but at BYU I could have.


In which I wax poetic about my daily life

Pink Umbrella Pictures, Images and Photos

(because writing in haikus makes this less like complaining and more like art)

Being a nanny:
like being a mom, only
totally different

12 long rainy hours
I worked my butt off today
was not very fun

The dog ran away
on our way to the groomer's
it was pouring rain

Baby was screaming
As we searched the neighborhood
But no dog in sight

About to give up
I went back home to check if
he found his way home

The dumb dog was there,
I put him in the car to
head to the groomer's

Kid was still screaming
As the wet dog jumped all over
my poor car's front seat

It's 4 o'clock now
That happened at eleven
Baby cried 5 hours

Plus did I mention,
I have been sick all weekend
Caught it from the kids.

You couldn't pay me
Enough to repeat this day
Ever again, yo.


Things I Adore


I love the vintagey, whimsical feel of these:

Photobucket Ridiculously adorable baby shoes from diddle dumpling

Photobucket This fun calendar from Freckled Nest

Photobucket I love this necklace!

Photobucket Tulle, lace, and pink. What more could you want? From Vintageous

Photobucket Cute printable tags from A Print A Day! Did I mention they're free?! (My blog will probably cut off the right half of this picture since it's huge but you get the idea)

That's it for today! Have fun thinking about things you adore! (If you want to create your own word bubble, visit Wordle)


Vegas, Baby!

Vegas Pictures, Images and Photos

So this year for Thanksgiving, and more importantly Black Friday, I went to Vegas with some friends. We ate at a casino and I had the most horrible turkey dinner I've ever tasted. We decided we should at least try to gamble once, so on our way out of town, we hit up the slots at the gas station, where I promptly won $1 and then lost $2. Heartbreak. On the upside, I returned home with the following:





Sadly, at least two of them will be rehomed on Ebay, probably both Coach bags, but I think I will keep the Kate Spade (zebra) bag. It's actually a diaper bag (I know! For shame!) but it would make a great school tote.