Since I transferred from BYU to NAU and left my dismal GPA behind, I have been busting by buttocks to keep my GPA at a 4.0. Today, I logged into my account and look:


HAPPY! One more semester down, one to go.

Side note - am I the only person that thinks its kind of funny/ridiculous that when I went to BYU I worked somewhere between 0 and 30 hours per week (depending on the semester) and I came out with a * GPA, and now working 45-50 hours per week I have a 4.0?
I blame the rebellious company I kept (Hi Kira! Hey Manda! Hello Mere! Love you!)

*Actual GPA removed to protect your sensitive eyes, but it was somewhere between a C+ and a Z-. Oh what's that you say? You can't get a Z-? Maybe you can't, but at BYU I could have.


Amanda said...

You know it was totally worth it! I Am going to back to school next year sometime... to finish up.

Meredith said...

I totally wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't thrown in the picture as proof! I guess that's just because I was there with you in the BYU days...which you obviously threw me under the bus on that one! It's ok, I can take the blame. Definitely guilty as charged! Good job Kass!

Amanda said...

by the way I got brave and went back to byu's website to see what my actual gpa was when I left and it was a 2.07 :)

Meredith said...

dang manda! haha, we definitely had too much fun those years.