In which I wax poetic about my daily life

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(because writing in haikus makes this less like complaining and more like art)

Being a nanny:
like being a mom, only
totally different

12 long rainy hours
I worked my butt off today
was not very fun

The dog ran away
on our way to the groomer's
it was pouring rain

Baby was screaming
As we searched the neighborhood
But no dog in sight

About to give up
I went back home to check if
he found his way home

The dumb dog was there,
I put him in the car to
head to the groomer's

Kid was still screaming
As the wet dog jumped all over
my poor car's front seat

It's 4 o'clock now
That happened at eleven
Baby cried 5 hours

Plus did I mention,
I have been sick all weekend
Caught it from the kids.

You couldn't pay me
Enough to repeat this day
Ever again, yo.