Have to have this

The wonderfully glorious absolutely amazing joy making post is still in progress (as it requires pictures I have yet to take), so until then, feast your eyes on this:



I don't know if it's my love of school supplies and books, or the fact that everything is so organized and has it's little place, or my love of all things vintage...but I want one!! I have looked everywhere! Apparently, there's this new thing called "computers" and people don't really use card catalogs anymore. Go figure. Find me one, mail it to me (the shipping should be cheap, I'm sure ;) and I will be your bestest best friend (which has many benefits, the least of which being I will let you come over and look at my beautiful card catalog).


The Geiser Family said...

already looked for one, a year ago -- i have the dame freakish need in my life -- and found one in Pennsylvania -- e-bay...they wouldn't even consider shipping it, but if you lived near enough!? Happy birthday is right oh, or was that the bike?! Either way darling. : )